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150 Employees | 7 Locations | Millions of Leads Generated

LDG Solutions Pvt Ltd is a lead and demand generation company that works exclusively with the MAVeCap portfolio, including Comodo, eZLO, nuMSP, ITarian, NuRD, nuWire, and nuWave. With more than 150 employees and seven offices around the world, LDG delivers inbound and outbound lead and demand generation services, web operations, marketing database management, campaign management, marketing collateral production, pay-per-click, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, native advertising, and CRO to enable clients to capture qualified leads and develop a sales pipeline.


Production and Execution Services

Email Marketing

We build demand generation strategies and plans, including content marketing, influencer marketing, and owned media, to stimulate interest, increase brand awareness, establish credibility, and drive engagement.

Search Engine Marketing

Drive leads and demand with proven processes for paid social, Google ads, banner exchange, and video marketing

Owned Media

Attract, thrill, and captivate your audience with owned media channels that let you engage in conversations and form mutually beneficial relationships with your target audience


Generate leads and demand with a proven webinar process that delivers comprehensive webinars, including promotions, hosting, and follow up.

Animation and Motion Graphics

Produce engaging, market-ready videos using our team of skilled motion graphic artists and video animators.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Optimize your webpages and emails to maximize conversions and generate leads with our team of Conversion Rate Optimization experts.

Social Media

Build your brand, acquire a following, and generate leads with a proven, comprehensive social media strategy.

Data Enrichment

Build and enrich your databases to ensure your marketing campaigns are as effective as possible with our team of database management experts.

Predictive Dialing

Spark more conversations with your target audience and enhance your cold calling productivity with parallel dialing campaigns that let your sales reps speak directly to decision makers.

SEO Service

Consisting of Technical SEO and Content SEO teams, and the SEO labs, LDG’s SEO department applies battle tested keyword research processes, content creation, and experiments to ensure our clients reach the highest-ranking positions.

Insights and Analytics
Insights and Analytics

The Insights & Analytics team are experts in all MAVeCap CRM and analytics platforms, and third-party tools. They are capable of extracting and delivering reports of any scope within 24 hours.

 Email Deliverability
Email Deliverability and Hygiene

LDG’s comprehensive processes for whitelisting, email hygiene, list hygiene, and back-off code management ensure that MAVeCap companies have relevant, clear, and respectful dialogue with audiences around the globe.

Campaign Management
Campaign Management

LDG builds and runs advanced lead and demand generation campaigns for MAVeCap companies, using processes for email campaigns, SEO campaigns, and direct marketing.

Database Management
Database Management

LDG’s database management team is trained and empowered with over 30 workflows to deliver thousands of new contacts and enrich these contacts based on pre-defined sets of rules defined by the requesters.

Web Operations
Web Operations

The web operations department delivers front-end development, back-end development, web QA, and webdesign 24 hours a day.

Our Mission

Lead Generation by LDGLLC

Our mission is to serve MAVeCap's portfolio of companies with their marketing needs. We create customized strategies that help MAVeCap companies grow their credibility, increase brand awareness, create demand, and generate qualified leads.

What We Do

Our lead and demand gen experts build strategies to grow through inbound and outbound marketing. We enable the MAVeCap portfolio to move from startups to disruptive companies.

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